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Our extensive experience in the U.S. and International marketplace allows us to not only offer custom consulting to the insurance industry, but also a number of specific consulting options:


Are you having a tough time finding a market for that book of business? We can assist you regardless of whether your program has been in existence for a number of years or is brand new. Market Maker is the answer for all types of commercial lines – property, casualty, workers compensation, marine, aviation and international classes. We will help build the underwriting analysis, support it with statistical data and, where necessary, reinsurance. We then take you to pre-qualified, direct markets through out the USA and the world to find the right home for your program. Once the program is in place, we are available for ongoing consultation to ensure the program runs smoothly and develops properly.


Focusing particularly on risks with a marine or international flavor, we will provide a detailed analysis of each policy for a risk and how they interact. We will then provide coverage and placement recommendations.


A strategic planning session for every agency or GA is vital for continued success. In this dynamic meeting you will learn how to establish annual premium volume goals based upon budgeted expenses, structure marketing plans to meet those goals, and implement on-going management strategies to ensure the success of your plan. We offer the tools to facilitate this planning session along with an experienced moderator who will guide you smoothly through the planning process and help communicate selected goals to the rest of the staff. Our standard 2-day package is the most effective. It entails taking the senior management out of the office from lunchtime on day one to lunchtime day two. The planning session is held at a local resort or conference location. The people involved are asked to dine together that night and stay at the location. A typical schedule might look like this:
Day 1
Meetings 2:00 – 5:00 pm
Reception/dinner 6:00 pm
Day 2
Meetings 8:30 am to Noon
Presentation to all staff of selected goals 2:00pm (optional)


Focusing particularly on marine and workers compensation/longshore accounts, we perform underwriting audits and training for carriers and MGAs. In addition, we can, if required, assist with the presentation of data, structure, negotiation, and placement of reinsurance for the program.


Are you drowning in a sea of paper? Our analyst will come to your agency or GA and perform a workflow analysis to clear those log jams and provide smooth paper flow in the future. Although each project is individually tailored to your needs, a typical project could include… Planning and balancing the paper path. Eliminating duplications. Interaction with agency automation. Backlog “blitz clear” and other strategies. Monitoring the workflow.


Designed originally for clients entering an alternate funding mechanism, this process lays out the plan for any commercial lines client to reduce claims costs and ultimately the total cost of risk in 5 steps: Computerized database analysis of five years of past claims and projection of “loss picks” for the future. Identification of repetitive claims issues. Physical inspections identifying hazards. Designing the training and safety improvement plans to reduce both frequency and severity. Implementing risk management controls to monitor implementation of step four and future claims development to identify new claims trends at the earliest stages (this step most often includes the supply and installation of software on the client’s computers to monitor claims).

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